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Skoob is a Brazilian social network with 980.000 active users. The network is designed for readers and book lovers. It provides users to create virtual bookshelves for sharing their books with friends, and encourage the evaluation and discussion of publications and authors. Skoob also has a platform that encourages the exchange of books.

Emerged during the process of new business ideas, as Skoob Shop, an online store of the network, and Skoob Sebo Social, it would be a platform that provides users to sell their used books.

The Jazz Design Studio worked with the brand consulting of Wesley Pinto and the graphic designer Mathias Lucaz to develop the new verbal and visual identity of the company.

The complete project was approved, but unfortunately at the end of the process the network started financial negotiations with an American group who chose not to use it.

_Branding Planning

_The Owl
The owl symbolizes reflection, rational and intuitive knowledge. In Greek mythology, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, was represented by an owl. The Greeks considered the night a propitious moment for philosophical thought. Because of its characteristic of being a nocturnal animal, the owl was seen by the Greeks as a symbol of the quest for knowledge.

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_Services Description
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Creative Direction: Petter Martins
Design: Lucaz Mathias & Petter Martins
Brand Consulting: Wesley Pinto
Facebook: facebook.com/estudiojazz
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